Why Megento Is Best Ecommerce Platform

Magento offers practically everything a web based business webpage would need to grandstand items, do online exchanges, offer client administration and run all your backend forms proficiently. Be that as it may, it’s not a fitting and play internet business stage, it needs some level of coding learning to assemble the webpage in any case.

Made For E-business

Magento began life as a stage expected for internet business not at all like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla which are essentially content administration framework stages which offer the choice of web based business modules.

Some of Magento key internet business highlights are:

Client Dashboards

Stock Management

Propelled transporting and provider administration

Permits packaging of items

Worked in strategically pitch and up offer capacities

CMS choice


Flexibility To choose Hosting Service

On the off chance that regardless you require the accommodation of a facilitated stage, Magento Go offers you precisely that alongside every one of the advantages that accompany the Magento Community release stage.

Simple To Integrate Third Party Apps

Magento extensible API enables you to interface with any sort of application or module of your decision to a great degree effectively. So be it installment doors, web investigation or transporting and following; discover the application of your decision and connect it to your Magento website with right away.

Particular And Customizable

Web based business organizations come in various shapes and sizes. What works for a mold retailer may not work for an equipment and power apparatuses merchant. Likewise size and size of operations, client benefit prerequisites and so on posture diverse difficulties in the web based business condition.

Being an open source stage, Magento is relied upon to be inalienably exceedingly adjustable and particular. Nonetheless, with the correct coding smarts, Magento ends up plainly like putty in your grasp.

Extremely Fast

45% of the present web clients anticipate that a webpage will stack in less than 2 seconds. Any more drawn out than that and they essentially shut the tab and proceed onward with their lives. Each client that abandons without purchasing leaves yet another scratch in your general change rate.

With such weight on execution, you would need a stage that heaps quick, permits storing of pages effectively, while as yet enabling you to have the same number of fancy odds and ends as you require on your online business webpage.

Magento gives you each of the above and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It enables you to store your pages effectively utilizing Varnish, recover information from colossal databases in milliseconds, process inquiries in a matter of moments and load pages sufficiently quick to satisfy your eager clients.

Web optimization well disposed

We as a whole know that it is so imperative to make our sites as SEO well disposed as would be prudent.

Magento spares you the improvement inconvenience of making SEO streamlined URLs, meta labels, depictions, URL revises, site maps, route and class structures and then some. Its source code accompanies these highlights manufactured right in, sparing you a great deal of inconvenience and time, while as yet guaranteeing that your site is look cordial.

Run Multiple Websites With One Common Backend System

While practically every other online business stage – open source or something else – gives you a chance to have just a single store on one framework; with Magento, you can run various sites on a similar basic back end framework.

Each site can have unmistakably extraordinary formats and outline with their own stores. You can even have distinctive spaces for each site. Control every one of them at the same time through a solitary brought together administrator board utilizing Magento. This capacity is an aid for internet business organizations that work in numerous specialty classes.

There are reasons why a few CMS stages would be viewed as the best web based business stage and be viewed as better than others. The Magento eCommerce stage is one of those CMS stages that you can be, rest guaranteed, is outstanding amongst other web based shopping stages accessible. Recorded are a portion of the reasons why.

#1. Made for eCommerce

Not at all like WordPress and other such CMS stages, Magento was made to be an eCommerce stage.

A portion of the more typical web based business highlights incorporate User Dashboards, Inventory Management, Advanced dispatching and provider administration, Allows packaging of items, Built-in strategically pitches and upsells abilities, CMS choice, Newsletters, et cetera.

Aside from being web based business agreeable, they are additionally intended to guarantee that they are anything but difficult to utilize and work with.

#2. Simple Integration

As a rule however the CMS stages have center functionalities, not all arrangements are tackled inside the framework.

They regularly require different applications or modules to make working with the stage simpler. The Magento eCommerce stage accompanies the benefit of having an internet shopping stage that can be effectively incorporated with instant modules and applications from different designers.

Magento’s APIs are additionally extensible to associate with various applications like investigation, dispatching and following, installment portals et cetera.

#3. Measured and Customizable

Every industry that utilizations CMS stages has distinctive needs and needs to utilize the CMS in an unexpected way. As in what works with the design business doesn’t work with the furniture business.

The Magento web based business stage gives its clients the adaptability to tweak in light of their particular industry needs. Given that it is an open source stage and furthermore constructed principally for online business, it is very measured and adaptable.

The particular components of this internet shopping stage empower you to hold the powerful back end while changing the front-end to give your clients an ordeal that is both pleasurable and effective.

#4. Web optimization amicable

As a standout amongst other eCommerce stages that are SEO amicable, aside from facilitating all your data it additionally helps your sites with the end goal that they appear in the web index space.

You can design the Magento eCommerce stage to offer metadata and portrayals for items and classes, sitemaps for web crawlers including for Google, control over URLs et cetera.

Its source code comes worked in with this data to influence its clients to progress consistent and simple, sparing your opportunity while influencing it to look inviting.

#5. Flexibility to choose facilitating administration

The Magento stage empowers you to pick the host you need to run with, for your site. This implies you can scout for the most efficient choices accessible and the most adaptable one also.

Moreover, it additionally underpins consistent changing to other facilitating administrations, if you are not happy with the one you are related with.

Additionally, Magento Go offers you the choices to switch joined with the advantages that are accessible with the Magento Community release stage.

#6. Productivity

Sites can’t stand to stack gradually any longer. Clients need moment satisfaction and need site pages to stack in a split second or they get exhausted and proceed onward to the following site.

Given this, you require an answer that is large and in charge, gathers every one of the information, et cetera. It empowers you to store information, recovers information in the blink of an eye, and gives all of you the devices to ensure you prevail in the web based business space.

It utilizes Varnish for the vast majority of these things and has made a name for itself throughout the years as extraordinary compared to other online business stages.

#7. Open Source

Magento has 3 variants, to be specific, the Magento Community Edition that is free, the Magento Enterprise Edition that is paid and Magento Go that is paid and facilitated on Magento’s servers; the Community Edition being the most mainstream of all.

They have their own extensive group that is dynamic and backings their own particular designer and client group.

In the wake of downloading and introducing this web based shopping stage for nothing, you can introduce augmentations and do a ton of customization utilizing the Magento Connect Marketplace. Moreover, on the grounds that it is open source the stage gets refreshed now and again influencing it more to secure and dependable to shield you from programmers.

Should you have any issues, the broad group is something you can swing to for any arrangements that you may require.

#8. Versatile cordial

Mobiles are not going anyplace, that too with the expanding development of cell phones, and the diminishing in desktop utilizes an ever increasing number of individuals are utilizing their telephones to get to sites and are rather getting to stuff with mobiles.

It has never been more critical for a web based shopping site to be portable well disposed. The Magento eCommerce Platform comes pressed with portable benevolent innovation to such an extent that its clients can not simply utilize sites to advance the item but rather can likewise give them a similar involvement in the cell phone space.

It gives clients a chance to slide into simplified alternatives, audiovisuals, and control on screen size to make it available to mobiles and sites.

#9. Numerous sites with basic backend

Commonly eCommerce sites have one site for every set up. This isn’t the situation with this web based shopping stage.

Magento enables clients to make particular and free sites for the items with the end goal that one can run numerous sites while not requiring diverse backend frameworks.

Also, it empowers you to give an alternate look and feel to each of the sites, as a client, to lure your clients in light of their needs.

#10. Explanatory and following

Magento’s web based business stage has as of late presented its own particular explanatory and following apparatus called Magento’s Business Intelligence. This instrument is completely adaptable and is developing to be utilized by both business and specialized clients.

At last, Magento isn’t apprehensive about its client’s development. This implies notwithstanding what the client develops to and how well he or she plays out; the best web based business stage – Magento – will work and keep on striving without punishing you for your development. Along these lines Magento is a standout amongst other stages for your eCommerce business.

Indeed, let me reveal to you a fascinating reality. These web stores, in truth finished a fourth of all internet business stores on the planet are controlled Magento, the monster of the web based business industry.The most recent couple of years have demonstrated genuine development for “attachment and-play” web based business stages, for example, Shopify, Volusion, and so on. Be that as it may, for some store proprietors, dealers, and internet business engineers, Magento remains the prime thought for their net online business venture.

So what truly makes Magento one of a kind and the most loved of the web based business industry?

How about we look at a few actualities that will enable you to comprehend why Magento is as yet considered a web based business mammoth in 2017.

The Magento Community

Where there is an open source application, there is a group!

Since Magento is an exceptionally well known open source internet business stage, there is an immense group of store proprietors, traders, engineers, originators, offices, web based business specialists, tech arrangements suppliers, and general end clients around the world who talk about everything Magento in extraordinary points of interest. The people group guarantees that the stage stays exceptional, quick, solid, secure and free from bugs. The fortunate thing about this group is the extremely inviting nature that makes each newcomer feel comfortable.

No Hosting Related Restrictions

Dissimilar to Shopify and Volusion (the “made for web based business” stages), Magento enables you to pick your preferred facilitating arrangement. Along these lines you could choose the best facilitating arrangement supplier that fits your prerequisites and your financial plan. Additionally, when the time has come to relocate your store, there is no limitations on when and where you could have your store.

Default Responsive Design

The offer of cell phones in worldwide web based business exchanges is quickly developing and soon it will outperform all other gadget classes. Understanding this, Magento joins HTML5 abilities, guaranteeing that the customer facing facade has a responsive plan that provides food immaculately to cell phones. What’s more, Magento offers highlights, for example, Griding, picture scaling, AV abilities, motion controls, simplified, and so on.

Outsider Components Integration

Outsider modules and expansions incredibly back out the lives of Magento store directors and engineers. Magento offers boundless and limitation free reconciliation of all outsider parts, consequently shortening the advancement and organization time spans impressively.

The good thing is that a large number of these segments are allowed to utilize. Others are accessible for only a few dollars.

With the assistance of extensible API in Magento, you can interface with any application or any module of your decision with no obstacles. Regardless of whether it’s an installment entryway, an investigation apparatus or dispatching, and following technique, you just need to locate the best expansion and connect it to your Magento store inside no time.

Magento Extensions and Customization Options

Each industry has its own particular online business store outline traditions. What works for design and attire may not work for a furniture retailer. So also measure, size of operations, client bolster necessities, charging and conveyance alternatives, and so on posture different difficulties in the online business condition.

Magento is an exceptionally adaptable web based business stage. It enables you to create fantastic frontend client encounters by altering designs and formats or include new hues and styles of your decision. Backend refinements can likewise be updated to satisfy business prerequisites by revising code, adjusting occasions and lattices.

One of the key purposes of enthusiasm for all Magento clients is the huge commercial center of expansions and modules. Magento clients can find various expansions easily to expand and alter their stores and recognize their retail facade from the contenders’ by using distinctive growthes.

Quick and Scalable

With regards to page stack speed, Magento is an unmistakable champ!

Moderate stacking on the web stores go down rapidly. As a rule, the misfortune from moderate pages is changeless and extraordinarily adds to the death of the business. Magento with top of the line reserving advances, for example, the Cloudways Full Page Cache and other database enhancement strategies, for example, Memcached and Redis accelerate the stores significantly.

Magento is reasonable for little to huge (and even gigantic) online business stores just in light of the fact that it’s sufficiently adaptable to develop with your business. Actually, Magento may astound you with its execution, solidness, and unwavering quality.

Different Stores

Numerous web based business stages let you have a solitary store for each record. With Magento, you would setup be able to numerous stores that could be overseen through a solitary backend. You can control stores’ stock, orders, charging, client data, utilizing a solitary administrator board.

Each store can have distinctive topics and formats related with them. You can likewise relegate a subdomain for singular stores. The simplicity of controlling the greater part of the stores all the while through a solitary administrator board extraordinarily improves administration and organization of multi-stores that work in a solitary or various classes.

Magento is an open source PHP-based web based business stage. Magento deals with the usefulness, appearance and general look of the internet business store. It have different powerful highlights and gives uncommon adaptability to internet business store proprietors.

Magento online business arrangement is moderately old programming. Later it is a securing by eBay Inc. It shows Magento’s potential, future enhancements and new open doors in the framework. It is bound up with an ideal authoritative interface to vigorous site improvement, viable promoting, and stock administration instruments.

It offers clients with a definitive web based business arrangement by giving a productive blend of adaptable outline and a broad encouraging group of people. Its arrival on venture is high. The dynamic interface of Magento based online business store is sufficiently proficient in offering, convincing and giving a cheerful ordeal to its guests.

Why Magento Is Better Than Other eCommerce Platforms?

Straightforward and simple to-utilize highlights

Updates the site consequently. This remarkable office is typically not accessible on other online business stages

Elements of Magento Ecommerce Platform is extremely basic, brisk, and flexible. Guests can peruse effectively, purchase easily and appreciate benefits helpfully

It underpins different sites to advance administrations and items, crosswise over spaces

It helps in making adaptable websitesIt helps in scaling up existing sites

Magento was perceived as the most prevalent eCommerce stage on the planet, in the year 2013

In the year 2014, notwithstanding having the extreme and expanded rivalry, the piece of the overall industry of Magento is among 30 most well known eCommerce arrangements. It is roughly 30%.

It is extremely famous and have long history. In this way, a lot of data is accessible for clients and in addition designers.

More than 200 000 online retailers have picked Magento as a web based business stage for their business.

How Magento Is Beating The Competition?

How Magento Is Better Than Woocommerce?

As Magento is an open-source internet business stage. The Magento programming has a considerable measure of highlights in view of which it runs different web based business stores through a solitary establishment. On the off chance that your organization is huge and you need to pick up benefit from the main day of your of utilizing a web based business store than Magento is best for you.

In Magento, clients can channel your item list by shading, estimate, extend, and so forth. This demonstrates Magento accompanies propelled route.

In Magento, with a similar space name, you can uninhibitedly set-up more than one internet business store through a solitary back-end board. This demonstrates Magento has various store perspectives and sites.

In Magento, you can likewise get the practicality of having various sites under a solitary establishment.

Magento has noteworthy offering apparatuses. Magento comes magnificent alternatives for upselling and strategically pitching of items. Extra highlights of Magento incorporates markdown coupons, client gather based valuing, and so on.

In Magento, you can deal with your items successfully. You can show particular costs for a particular gathering of clients, include different pictures for items and you can control this by utilizing basic alternatives.

The stock administration in Magento is conceivable in an extremely great manner. You can set an alarm each time one of your item stock goes underneath. This choice spares you from ‘out of stock’ circumstance.

“Rich out of the crate” highlight of Magento helps in expanding deals transformation. This element bolsters strategically pitches and up-offers. Magento likewise gives separating usefulness and more vigorous item association without modules.

When you take a gander at the quantities of the main 1 million destinations on the web, Magento has around 10k.

Focuses To Prove Why Magento Is Better Than Woocommerce?

Distinction On The Basic Of Dedication and Plugin: Magento is a devoted, independent eCommerce stage. Then again, Woocommerce is the Plugin of WordPress. It is only an extra to the substance administration arrangement of WordPress.

Distinction On The Basic Of Hosting: Hosting related necessities of every stage are not quite the same as each other and these impact costing. One can have both the stages at their own. On the off chance that you need to prosper your internet business than rather investing energy in issues identified with foundation, server and support, dole out another person to deal with this, which should be possible adequately in Magento.

Contrast On The Basic Of Content Management: Although you are setting your web based business store, the truth of the matter is that an online business webpage right off the bat and fore generally is a site. The importance of this is you too need to deal with the non-item content like instructive pages, landing pages, points of arrival, and so on. This is called content administration, and likewise, every stage gives distinctive abilities.

Magento is a web based business stage. Along these lines, for content administration, you are expected to include expansions. Setting up essential pages, and route, and so on. In any case, in the event that you don’t have much non-item content, at that point Magento presumably functions admirably with your need. Woocommerce too suits well with the substance administration elements of your online webstore. This is favorable for somebody who is considering blogging important.

Contrast On The Basic Of Ease of Use: Obviously, usability is essential from the client point of view. It is said that Magento is difficult to utilize yet more strong when contrasted with Woocommerce.

Why WooCommerce Is Not Better Than Magento?

It isn’t useful for a web based business store which is intended to offer a large number of items

What the reason of WooCommerce store fall is the broad load on web server because of augmentations, modules, topics, and so on.

You have to include different pulls for making your WordPress site act like an online business site

Scaling too isn’t straightforward with WooCommerce. The scope of modules introduced in a WooCommerce bolstered site act like an issue when the site should be reached out to suit new prerequisites. The reason is greatest assets are being devoured by these modules.

How Magento Is Better Than Prestashop?

Magento and PrestaShop both are Open Source eCommerce stages. The two offers an extensive variety of highlights. Both are quality systems. Yet Magento is superior to Prestashop.

Why… ?

Magento versus PrestaShop

Magento and Prestashop, both are open-source programs. Both are adjustable yet in various ways. Magento, on one hand, known as the pioneer in eCommerce shopping basket arrangements. It gives customization, apparatuses and a tremendous assortment of highlights. It likewise furnishes better SEO benefits with focused advancement and promoting, than some other shopping basket accessible in the market. Magento likewise takes into account different installment and transportation choice.

Make Shopify Store

What Magento Offers You?

Magento furnishes a lot of highlights with a wide range of adaptability. You can change the substance, look, and capacity in Magento. One can utilize Magento for site design improvement reason and in addition an index administration apparatus as well.

As it was established in 2001, so it have healthy of experience. Organization with eBay makes the framework all the more capable and adds more engineers to the group.

Magento gives to its clients a wide range of highlights, modules, and expansions. It is favored best from specialized help viewpoint as well. It is appropriate for proficient online stores.

What PrestaShop Offers You?

PrestaShop too has a lot of highlights and is another open-source eCommerce arrangement. The essential setup of PrestaShop can be utilized for nothing out of pocket. In any case, truly, you are expected to buy the topics, layouts and modules for removing the vast majority of the preferred standpoint from it. It was propelled in 2007 and reasonable primarily for little to medium business for making their online nearness successful. It likewise does not give an official help group.

Correlation Between Magento And Prestashop

They both are great online business arrangements. Yet at the same time we are giving you focuses which will feature why Magento is superior to Prestashop:


More out-of-the-crate highlights

Doesn’t have the similarity issues

Gives more custom highlights and choices

Accompanies a specialized help group

An extensive group of engineers


Less highlights

Have the similarity issues

Less highlights and alternatives

Just gives a gathering to help

Offers less topics

Website design enhancement highlights are not intense

Number Game

Dispatch: Magento was made in 2001 while, PrestaShop was started in August 2007.

Renditions: Magento has 15 variants while PrestaShop has seven forms.

Modules And Extensions: Magento gives 1,500 modules and expansions while PrestaShop gives more than 25,000 modules and augmentations.

Customers: Both have practically same measure of online stores. Magento has customers like Nike AU and UK while Prestashop has customers like The Fab Shoes.

Social Following: Magento is ahead when contrasted with PrestaShop in the Twitter world with three fold the number of adherents.

Web optimization – Magento general offers more SEO advantages and highlights than Prestashop.

Magento Vs Prestashop Comparison 1

Who To Choose Magento?

We had given you healthy data identified with Magento and Prestashop both. From the above exchange, we can state that both the framework meets the prerequisite of various sorts of online stores.

In spite of the fact that. Still Magento is ideal for the individuals who are searching for full control over the customization of their online store. Bigger organizations or the individuals who have plans to develop rapidly will discover the highlights of Magento a superior fit than PrestaShop.

Why Prestashop Is Not Better Than Magento?

Costly: Most modules of Prestashop, which is required for a completely useful shopping basket site are exceptionally valued. Clients likewise confront overhauling issues that think about adversely the product itself.

Versatility: Scalability is least in PrestaShop. It is reasonable for little to medium organizations yet makes not appropriate for


Magneto offers a ton of functionalities that assistance designers make the ideal store for their customers. The apparatuses back out the issues of displaying items, online exchanges, rebates administration to give some examples regions where Magento beats the opposition. Notwithstanding, remember that Magento isn’t an attachment and play online business arrangement. It requires a level of advancement and store streamlining mastery from engineers and directors.


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