Some Alternative Magento Small Business Options

Magento is known for being a standout amongst the most famous eCommerce stages in the present business. The accompanying three eCommerce arrangements, Nucleus Commerce, Pixafy, and LaunchPad that are based over Magento with highlights excluded out-of-the-crate from Magento.

What is Nucleus Commerce?

Core Commerce is a site quickening agent arrangement exceptionally intended for vendors with the goal that it can be utilized over certain Magento discharges, including Magento Community 1.9.1, Magento Enterprise 1.14.1 or more. Core Commerce is a versatile, hearty and adaptable eCommerce arrangement that incorporates highlights that are not accessible in Magento without anyone else’s input. The greater part of the highlights and usefulness inside Nucleus have been pre-coordinated and tried without any difficulty of execution, decreased arrangement cost, and speedier time-to-showcase.

Traders go over a couple of normal challenges while working their eCommerce store. Those challenges are execution issues, getting quality help when required, choosing the correct usage accomplice, and choosing and introducing the correct expansions. Core Commerce is proposed to kill these innovation obstructions that are keeping shippers down.


Speedier site degree of profitability through diminished expenses and site sending time

Enhances administrator productivity, bringing down expenses of site administration

UI and UX upgrades item higher consumer loyalty, change rates, and AOV

Single purpose of in-administrator specialized help

Industrially authorized arrangement, layers over both Magento Community and Enterprise

The reason for Nucleus Commerce is to enable dealers on Magento and enable them to flourish in the eCommerce showcase.

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What is Zoey?

Zoey, beforehand known as Pixafy, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) arrangement that requires no coding aptitudes, and is like an answer like Shopify, however worked in view of bigger traders. P is effective and adaptable on the grounds that it is work from Magento Community. They took the best of Magento’s abilities and included new highlights all accessible in the easy to use control board.

Beginning at $89/month, clients approach many exceedingly curated subjects and applications, the capacity to deal with a store’s everyday activities, and Pixafy deals with every specialized detail like facilitating, security, and stage overhauls for vendors. Pixafy is planned with the goal that non-specialized clients can without much of a stretch form, alter, and dispatch a store.


Adjustable pre-manufactured subjects, guaranteeing an one of a kind brand involvement

Pixafy-created modules that convey popularity highlights missing from Magento’s base advertising

Open source stage considers unending customization and outsider mixes

Pixafy has ensured Magento engineers that can make extra site refreshes whenever

Speed upgrades to the Magento center

What is Launchpad?

Launchpad is controlled by Magento, which is one of the main stages for eCommerce sites. It offers includes that make dealing with your store brisk and simple. In case you’re searching for a simple to-setup Magento store, Launchpad is an extraordinary choice.

Launchpad is a moderate; at $4,000, a one-time buy, the site is yours to possess. Launchpad will item a completely highlighted eCommerce site in 2 days.

Launchpad is worked for non-specialized clients; no compelling reason to contract a designer or purchase expansions – propelled highlights are incorporated ideal with Launchpad. At the point when your site is finished utilizing Launchpad, it will be responsive and take a shot at versatile, tablets and work areas.

Launchpad has valuable frontend expansions to add more style to your store. A portion of the choices incorporate a picture slider, commencement clock for items at a bargain, included things, shading swatches for items and a blog.

Elite is an unquestionable requirement with sites today. With Launchpad, your site will be streamlined to get the quickest speeds conceivable with Magento. Obviously, execution likewise relies upon what server you pick yet your store will be considerably speedier than if you took a stab at utilizing Magento straight out-of-the-case.

Once your store is up-and-running, you have guide access to the code. You will have the capacity to adjust it in any capacity that would you like. Obviously, there is bolster required for non-technically knowledgeable clients.


Natural page developer

Worked for transformations

Exhaustive documentation

Magento confirmed help

Adaptable outline

Remarkable components

Bolster gathering access

Straightforward customization

Launchpad is intended for littler shippers (characterized as < $1 million in income) who don’t need or can’t manage the cost of a custom site.


Traders of any size, kind of spending plan and friends compose can approach an extraordinary Magento arrangement. Launchpad and Pixafy is an answer for the littler shippers and Nucleus Commerce gives an effective answer for alternate traders.

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